Patented development

RC Bolt System


On stock skip ready to be mounted on a truck pre-equipped for road use. Entry-level skip which can be quickly mounted on a truck.

2 ranges of products are available:  

  • Tipper with fixed sides of 5200 mm or 6500 mm long (max 26T). 
  • Three-side tipper of 5200 mm or 6500 mm long (max 19T).


  • French door (POFR)   
  • Front cylinder  
  • Bottom made of 6 mm Hardox with rounded corners  
  • Sides made of 4 mm Hardox   
  • Galvanized chassis (standard by RC)
Tipper 26T
Tipper 26T
Three-way tippers 19T
Three-way tippers 19T