Patented development

RC Moving System

Atelier RC is the exclusive distributor and installer of this product in Belgium.

Straight truck Mercedes 8x4


  • Horizontal skip with moving floor, specially adapted to public works.   
  • Bottom made of mobile Hardox laths.
  • The sides panels, and the front and rear doors of the truck shown in the video are made out of aluminum, which is suitable for the transport of hot tarmac (because of its excellent thermal insulation). For heavier applications we can also make 100% steel skips.  
  • The rear door can fold back on itself, integrating it perfectly in the tarmac skip : limited height when opening, weight and space gain.
  • A remote control controls all functions.
  • Hydraulically liftable rear bumper.
  • Hydraulically foldable/unfoldable tarpaulin.
  • "V-Sweep" front panel wich follows the contents when they are being unloaded and which scrubs the sides.

Atelier RC is the exclusive distributor/installer of this product in Belgium.

Advantages :

  •  Constant and adjustable quantity of contents discharged (interest when covering in tarmac).
  •  Possibility of discharging on non-flat ground where traditional skips can't discharge their contents.
  •  Possibility of discharging in tunnels, under power lines, under trees, etc.
  • Tare: 14 tons
  • Payload: 18 tons