Two-side tipper / three-side tipper

Atelier RC's two-side and three-side tippers are manually assembled in Herstal. The bottom of the tippers is made of various metal bars embedded into each other in order to create a very resistant structure. The hinges of the side panels are also embedded in the bottom of the tippers in order to reduce as much as possible the space between the side panel and the bottom. In our workshop in Herstal, we manufacture our own model of three-way tippers and its robustness has been proven on hundreds of vehicles.

The back doors of the tippers are made of two panels which slide vertically, horizontally, or both ("French door"). All the hinges of the door are also equipped with lubricating nipples. 

The side panels can be equipped with return springs wich makes them easier to use. We can also install hydraulic side panels which can be opened from the cabin.

After sandblasting our two-side or three-side tippers, we apply two epoxy layers on the outside of the tippers and then two finishing layers in the RAL-tone chosen by our client. We can also give the tippers a metallic finish in order to increase their resistance to corrosion.