Founded by René Castro in 1978, Atelier RC is recognized for the exceptional quality of its work. Atelier RC adapts its constructions (including the materials) to its customers in order to provide them with solutions that are perfectly adapted to their needs.

We can produce on request complex systems which meet very specific needs. Our combined systems tractor/container-lifter and cement mixer/skip are the best examples of this.

Since 2015, our new management has been aiming to industrialize our production method in order to guarantee our customers the best possible quality in terms of construction and finishing. Moreover, we are also working on our production time, trying to reduce it as much as possible. 

Atelier RC has never made any compromises when it comes to the quality, You can notice it if you take a look at the hundreds of vehicles made by our company and which you can see on our roads. Some of these trucks were made more than thirty years ago and you can still see them on our roads.