Our know-how and our involvement lead us to always want to make our products more reliable and robust. Our kipper systems can be made with either a jack underbody, a front jack or a compass system.

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Container lifts

Company RC is the importer for Belgium of Marrel container-lift and multi-tipper systems. Combining smart design with high-pressure Marrel hydraulics, the range of products offered is meticulously tailored to the efficiency and productivity expectations of professionals.

Through the simplicity of its design and the quality of the materials used, the Marrel Amplirolls arms achieve a high level of performance with a proven lifespan.

The product range is divided into three families of Amplirolls and is suitable for loading from the ground and on trailers, and to the transportation and tipping of containers of different lengths.

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In combination with the installation of your bucket, container lifter or fixed platform, Atelier RC is specialized in the assembly of FASSI cranes.

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We manufacture all types of custom containers. In order to reduce delivery times, we also dispense untreated stock containers in 5500 x 2300 x 1000 dimensions.

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Loading Platforms

Atelier RC builds them to measure. The loading trays can be combined with our new patented aluminum sideboard design that is lighter and stronger than what is available in the trade. In order to satisfy our customers, any specific request is studied and taken into account by our research center.

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