Patented development

"Patented" RC Aluminium Dropside

Our new concept of aluminum side panels.

Advantages and technical data:

  • Lighter than a 25-40% steel side panel. For the record, a side panel of 2000x750x50 mm weighs 50 kg.
  • No risk of corrosion
  • Ø 30 mm pivot pin made out of one piece of Hertacetal, highly wear-resistant, no lubricating nipples
  • Rounded bottom of the side panel that perfectly matches the edge of the floor
  • Hollow profiles internally reinforced
  • Panel side thickness of 50 mm, and of 55 mm on the upper side
  • Available heights: 500 or 750 mm (1000 mm under study)
  • Possibility to replace damaged floorboards
  • Removable intermediate frames

Suited for:

  • 19-ton skips and three-side tippers
  • 26-ton (and even 32-ton) skips and three-side tippers
  • ideal for parks and gardens undertakers
  • ideal for municipalities
  • ideal for double-axle tippers (no heavy bulk), because the high and heavy side panels are replaced by lighter versions which makes their handling is easier.

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By Atelier RC

"Patented" RC Aluminium Dropside
"Patented" RC Aluminium Dropside
"Patented" RC Aluminium Dropside
"Patented" RC Aluminium Dropside
"Patented" RC Aluminium Dropside