Our fixed-side skips are designed and built to meet the needs of our customers. Together, we choose the type and the thickness of the steel or the aluminium. Thanks to this, our skips are robust without being unnecessarily heavy. In this way we can product both sturdy skips (for quarry work, etc.) or lighter skips (to transport light waste, etc.). 

For the most demanding applications, we recommend to use the Hardox steel, a special type of steel which is shock- and wear-resistant. Atelier RC has obtained the “Hardox in my Body” quality label, which is exclusively granted to companies that have proven their ability to work with this type of steel.

Atelier RC also installs on request hydraulic or pneumatic doors.

After sandblasting our skips, we apply two epoxy layers on the outside of the skips and then two finishing layers in the RAL-tone chosen by our client. We can also give the skips a metallic finish in order to increase their resistance to corrosion.