FASSI cranes

Atelier RC has a long history of collaboration with the crane manufacturer Fassi. This company has the largest range of articulated cranes in the world: more than 60 models and over 30,000 configurations, from the Micro series to the top of the range, with lifting capacities of over 150 tm.
With a reach of up to 46 meters, the cranes are configured to fit your needs.

When defining your equipment and before ordering it, we submit to you, without any obligation on your part, an assembly plan and a calculation of load distribution and stability in order to propose the appropriate equipment and assembly to make the best use of the technical characteristics of your crane and your vehicle.

Depending on the stability requirements, we can install the crane either behind the cabin or in the rear overhang. We can also install it on a removable container.

You can discover the full range of cranes on the following website:

FASSI cranes - Products